Private Escort Roster私钟公寓班表

Zetland: Francis ,tiffanyEastwood: Ella, AriaBurwood : Cosmo, Tia, sumner Mia,Fiona(00’s),Shannon,Aki,Cindy, iris

City: Marcia

Lisa,Freya,DoraSukiElsa(New, student )grace, Victoria,(new)Georgina,Alison🇯🇵Christine(model ),Mina, yumi,scarlet , nami AngelaOutcall only:Cora(00’s uni student),Emily,LenaDee Why Erotic Massage (10am-8pm):
Yanee, Helen, Sara , machaSurry hills Erotic massage (10am-8pm):
Bella (new) ,Vivian(thai )newMelbourne墨尔本
Lila(空姐)Aurora,Lolita(00s), Linsay,Sato🇯🇵Please check photo on

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