Weekly Roster

Weekly roster


392 sussex st:

💜Gloria(tw,19yo), 💜Emma(Natural G cup), 🍼Grace(nti,19yo),🍭Cecilia, 🍭Fiona, 🍭Tina(new, studnet), Melantha, Joyce(3-11), sakura(7-10, japan), Angela


Shop9/741 3

🍼Sherry(China, nti), winnie, suger


392 sussex st:

🍭Alice, Bonnie, 💜Emma(G cup), 🍭Spring, 🍭Tina(new), Sakura(7-11), 🍭Sherry(new), Yuki(tw,6-11), angela


🍼Cecilia(19yo,10-6), 🍼Grace(nti,19yo), Suger


392 sussex st

🍼Cosmo(5-9pm, nti,18yo student), alice, 🍭😊teresa(new), 💜Emma(G cup), melantha, sherry, 🍭sherry(nti), 🍭tina(new,2-11,student), Fiona, Joyce,💜sakura(6-11, japan), Angela , yuki(tw)


Shop9/741 George st:

Winnie, 💜Tiffany,bobo


392 sussex st:

🍼Vicky(19yo,2:30-11, nti, innocent student), 🍼Sherry(nti. 2-11, Chinese student), Joyce, 🍭Fiona,Sakura (japan, 6-11), Spring(20yo), angela


Shop9/741 george st:

🍭Cecilia, 🍭Vinice(busty, new), bobo


392 sussex st:

Emma, Fiona, 🍭Jasimine(new, pretty), 🍼Grace(nti,19yo), 🍭sherry(2-11), Joyce, Angela, yuki(tw)


🍼Grace(19yo, nti) , 🍼Cecilia(19yo)


392 Sussex st:

🍼Vicky(19yo, nti,11-8), 💜Emma, 🍼Fiona, Lotus(11-5), Sakura (6-10, japan), 🍭Crystal, Angela


🍭Ruby(new,2-11), 🍭Cici(busty), bobo

Diva note: 🍼Nti=new to industry, 💜=shop recommendation, 🍭=new girl , 😢=holiday soon

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